Monday, July 30, 2007

WORD given on 7-29-7

I have so much I want to share I could and would share 24/7 my son if given the chance but any time you give me I will speak. Today let it be known I love you! Let that sink in deep in your souls. What comfort it will bring when you do, what Peace is available to you to know I love you.
First though, you must know Me. Who is this that says "I Love you" and what is GOD, what does that mean to you? My Name is FATHER for this is what I AM, I AM personable and close yet I spoke and all came into being. Truly know Me I beg you. Know who I AM. How could you not rest and be in Peace if you truly knew and believed that the one who created and sustains all things by the Power fo HIS word Loves You! I want the best for you so Trust, Love, seek, be still and commune with Me. All else will fall so gently into place. As my Son said " Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD"--seek Me to reign on the throne of your Heart, let the kingdom with in be reigned by Me. Then we can change the world one person at a time.
So Trust in Me, be at rest. Walk in the Eternal Flow of My Love. I Love you all so dearly. Let not your Hearts be troubled, open the door for Me to enter in everywhere, every the door. Rest in Me and what I can do and will do! It is Faith Hope and Love. Amen.

Monday, April 16, 2007

WORD from the LORD 4-15-07

This is a WORD I received at our Home Church meeting. We had not met for several weeks so its been a while. I pray this is an encouragement to you and next you to the deeper level of trust and faith in your Father who loves you so much..GOD bless JB

I AM That I AM, I AM in all things MY son. I have made all things and desire MY LIFE to be in all things. You are MY Lights and I have you there to shine and dispel the darkness and bring LIFE, the LIFE of CHRIST in you. I want the world to see you as MY Living witnesses of MY Love. I want you to draw them to ME so I can speak to them and change them. I want your lives to be attractive to them. So Trust ME and I will bring it to pass. Nothing is too hard for ME. I made you and I will sustain and keep you. In fact, you will confound the world who offers so little by having so much. But you must believe and seek ME for such. You must allow ME to open you minds and hearts to receive MY plans to prosper you. Let not the world be your foundation of thought. Let MY WORD and LIFE be that foundation and nothing will be impossible.
Trust ME, seek ME and lay aside the old dead things, take on the New You in all its entirety. Life will change when you believe I AM willing to change it! Once again get to know ME, seek ME, hear ME, believe ME and miracles will occur. This world is passing away behold all things are New. Be MY Lights and believe the best. I LOVE you all AMEN!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Words given on 3-18-7 The Blood.

Hi everyone and blessings to you all. I am posting two Words given to my wife and I yesterday in quiet time before the LORD. The one the Lord gave me was very heart felt and powerful. It deals with The Blood of Christ and GOD's desire for us to understand all that it means. As always The Father very encouraging and loving...I pray you are blessed by both JB

I will never leave you nor forsake you, that is My WORD and TRUTH. Live by stand by it. I always seek My WORD out to see that it performs what I said. Speak My WORD over every situation. Know My WORD and Read My WORD for it is LIFE and it is POWER. My Promises are for you and all who are willing to stand on them. Not in fear but Confidence, to be confident one must know Me. Seek Me and they will find Me. Rest assure My LOVE is searching out all who know Me and Love Me. My LOVE searches them out to guard, protect and commune with them.
Remember, you Love Me for I first Loved you! It is always that way, I AM always drawing you close to Me for that is My Desire and Will. Soon it will be fully manifested but for now seek Me for I have placed that calling in your life.
In Me there is No darkness, No lie and No fear. I AM LOVE and Love casts out fear. Love covers sin. It was My SON's Blood that blotted out all sin. Bring them all under the BLOOD. That is always My covering. Stand strong in the BLOOD. Search and understand about the BLOOD. It cleanses all unrighteousness, it protects you. Walk in the that confidence that you are covered by the BLOOD and the enemy will not see you. We are The BLOOD, We all Bled on that Day! It means so much to us, please seek out and understand The BLOOD, you will never fear again. Amen.

This WORD Diana received 3-18-7.

I AM with you always, even when you think that no one cares. I AM here. I will strengthen you and Love you like none other. Put all your cares on Me for I care for you. I made you. I know your heart. I need you to know My Heart in a deeper way. I am thrilled when you are happy, so be. Be still in Me when you are confused, I will bring all things renewed and refreshed.
Do nothing until I give you the peace to do it. If there is confusion or an unsettling in your Spirit, then know that it is not from Me. I AM the author of Peace,Tranquility, Love, Kindness, Understanding and everything that is Good and Holy. Anything else should be treated as trash and forgotten. So know that I AM in control and rest in that, not with your mind but with your Heart.
I AM your Eternal Father I hear your prayers even your Catholic ones.

Monday, February 26, 2007

2-25-7 WORD of the LORD

HI this is a WORD I received from the LORD in our Home Church. Interestingly, 2 others in my home church received similar WORDs of encouragement and edification. GOD bless you all and I pray this stirs your heart to Trust your Father in Heaven and lay down the cares of this world at Jesus' feet.

Let it be known I don't give up on anyone. Every child of mine is precious in my sight and I love them with an everlasting love. Do not depend on yourselves and your power but Trust ME and depend on ME. I will give you rest. Has not MY Word said I will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies? It is I who does this to show Myself strong in your life. I do this for both you and ME. Just believe, settle it in your heart. Trust and Rest in ME and MY work, MY power, MY LOVE.
I will that you have the best for my names sake. Begin to meditate on ME, see ME for all that I AM and can do. Do not make me a small god in your life. You cannot imagine byeond ME and that which you imagine in your wildest dreams about ME is too small! Trust ME, I sent MY SON, that should be enough to know MY LOVE.
The unbelievers pursue a force in this world to fulfill their lives. I AM your LIFE, I AM LIFE and LOVE. Pursue ME and the world will Fade away with all its cares and concerns. When you only see ME is when you will have Everything!! Seeing anything else will always leave you wanting. Seek ME with all your heart and you will find ME and all things will be added unto you! Trust ME and rest in ME. I Love you!
After Receiving this WORD I thanked the Father for it and HE added:
In ME there is no lack, there is no void, I AM fullness, overflow and abundance. I AM the giver of all good gifts but it is in ME that you shall find these things NOT out there but in ME in you-Go there and you shall be refreshed, renewed and Loved. Nothing shall stop ME but you.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday 2-18-07 Two Words Given to my wife and I

These are two Words given in our home church 2-18-07. I want to share them with you because we are all GOD's children and these are for every child. The first I received the second my wife did. Be blessed.

#1) My Love never fades, my love is eternal. From everlasting to everlasting my Love stays the same. It was love that formed the universe and holds it together. It was love that set forth the stars that feed the earth and the solar system. It was my love that formed man and breathed My Life into him. It was Love that redeemed him when he fell and took all of creation with him. It is my love that sustains you and gives you all things. It is love that holds back the wrath that is to come, it is love that stops it.
Never underestimate my love, though you can never fully comprehend it. Dive into my love and depend on my love. There is no situation that my love is not the cure. In all your ways acknowledge ME that is my love. My love brings Abundance, it brings Joy, it brings Peace and Healing. Love and I are inseparable for I AM Love. Yes! Meditate on that, let it sink deep into your soul. Know this, it was my love that stayed the destruction of Nineveh. My love toward them and their love toward Me, as it was then so it is now. You know what that means.
Preach My Good News, prepare hearts to receive Me by telling them of my Love. Show them My SON in all His Glory. Clear your mind of your thoughts. Think My thoughts, seek My ways. I sent my SON to save the world, why do you condemn. Preach My Word and my Life. Reconcile! That is your ministry, reconcile the lost to Me. I AM in you crying out to them, don't silence Me, unite with Me to save my lost ones. Hold fast to my Love and you will never fail. Tell them.

#2) I love you! I died for you . You are always in my heart. Trust me to always be in your heart. I AM your constant companion. Put all your care upon Me. For I care for you like no other. O loved you before you knew Me. I will guide you and give you wisdom in all things. Lean on Me I AM the solid rock and the foundation of Life. Fear not for I AM with you today, tomorrow and always. All things and all beings are under My control, so have leave all your worries to Me. I hear all, see all, know all. All you need to do is fellowship with Me. I long to give your the desires of your heart. Desire Me first, all things will be added if it is My will.
Remember, I AM your Father and your are My child. I want to see you laugh and serene.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My First Word From The LORD

I pray this Word is an encouragement to you for what was spoken and that The LORD spoke it to me just because I gave HIM the time and space. May you also do the same and please share your experiences with all. Blessings to you JB

A WORD From the LORD
SPEAK MY WORD it is alive and sharper than any two edged sword. My Word goes forth and does not come back to Me void but goes forth and accomplishes whatever I say.
Speak My Word it is alive! I want to establish my New Covenant—Walk in the Light of My Word. It is a lamp unto your feet, it will direct wherever you go.
I have given My Son to for these people I will not withhold My Hand from them.
Know My Character! Trust in it and walk in it. NOW IS THE TIME! Blessed are those who hear my voice and do what I say! Give and it shall be given, pressed down shaken together, running over shall men give unto your bosom. I make all things new. I make the dew and the rain. There is no Drought in ME! Go Forth. Know my Word, read My Word, speak My Word—This is not just about money but healed hearts. There is an Eternity set before you. Prepare the way. I will always be with you wherever you go. These are my Words, Trust in them and you shall prosper wherever you go. AMEN
Given 11-24-04 to John Butera.

Know That I AM GOD

Hi as a follow up to Be Still I want to go further down Ps. 46:10 to the next segment of that verse, Know That I AM GOD. In Be Still, I discussed about setting side time and getting still and LISTENING, an active component of the Heart, to hear GOD speak to you. In this Psalm we have something else, a different type of meditation, a ceasing from all things a big STOP! Then in the silence we bring into our stillness and silence a thought, a concept and ponder, chew, expound on a TRUTH. This is a work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to help bring TRUTH to LIGHT but we must actively pursue it.( I will share a word the LORD gave me about seeking and hearing HIM)
So here we go, we decree and determine to seek GOD's Truth in the stillness of our hearts and we bring in a concept, verse, a question or even a doubt. Then allow the process of the leading of the Holy Spirit and our Spirit to bring forth GOD's desire. In this case we are going to be still and contemplate, meditate and allow to grow the idea of GOD. Yes, who is GOD! I wont go into this but we are all wounded and have been hurt by this world, the flesh and the devil. Due to this our perception of GOD is skewed, bent and corrupted. So it might be a great starting point for one to go into meditation with the prayer "Father show me who you are." HE will more than gladly reveal Himself to an open heart and more than willing to Heal that heart, if you will let HIM. Remember, The Trinity is IN You! They are not light years away but in you, CHRIST in you the hope of glory! Keep that in mind it will change your life. Jesus died to give us this relationship, to make us ONE with the Father.
This Psalm builds us up to see GOD in all HIS power and sovereignty, so bring that into your meditation. The purpose being is to see GOD above and beyond any situation or problem you have. Scripture tells us to Magnify the LORD, in Magnifying HIM everything else shrinks( thanks for that Manny). An example of doing this is when lets say you have a health need or financial problem and you are overwhelmed, anxious, fearful and not seeing GOD for who HE is. Seek HIM, be still and then meditate on GOD's attribute, magnify the fact HE spoke and all came into being, HE holds the Universe in HIS hand and has named all the stars. Know HIS word and ponder the promises specific to your situation. See HIM in all HIS Glory, know Jesus defeated the devil and is now seated and resting next to the Father. Jesus is there because HE has done all that HE needs to do. The extent is limitless to which you can go with this for GOD is limitless. Maybe just pursue what the word GOD means but allow it to be lead by the Holy Spirit through your heart and not your head.
I pray this helps, take the time and see GOD for who HE truly is and everything disappears in the Light of HIS glory then Trust HIM to do what HE has said HE will. GOD bless JB